Scores? Scores!

Every blog, vlog or other kind of whisky reviewer uses some kinds of criteria while reviewing. I was thinking about this topic for quite some time. Do I want to go on the good old 0 - 100 challenge and try to pinpoint if a whisky is a "84" or "83" ? Do I want to give no scoring at all? Just a simple "yep, I like this one!"?
Well, sometimes the best way seems to be in the middle (or is it just the most boring way?). I think that some kind of scoring adds to the experience of reading a whisky review. I don't want to read a whole review without getting some rating at the end. But I don't think that giving exact ratings on a 1 - 100 scale is the best way either. So what am I going to do?

I will reduce the scale to a simple 7 point scale and score whiskies like this:

1 - Dont' try this at home!
2 - Not the worst whisky in the universe, but not worth your time and money.
3 - I wouldn't buy this one, but its drinkable.
4 - A decent whisky.
5 - A nice every day dram.
6 - A really good dram.
7 - A perfect whisky experience!

So why not 6 or 8 categories? Well, there is no "good reason" for it. I think these categories roughly cover the experience you can get from a whisky, It's not too strict and it's not too lose. After all a whisky scoring a "5" can be seen as a "nice every day dram" and slightly above average. And if you see a whisky getting a 1... you know what to do: run!

Is there more that you have to know? Yes. 
I think that it is unfair to compare a 30€ whisky with a 400€ whisky. You simply can't put them on one rating scale. The 30€ whisky would be scoring too low most of the time and that's not fair.
In every review I will therefor give a price range and adjust the scoring compared to other whiskies in the same category. Just fair, right?

... I think I got everything covered. Time to write the first review, isn't it?